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Anda Jines MS LCPC

10 Tips for Helping a Loved One Cope with Illness Anxiety

By Anda Jines, MS, LCPC Download The PDF If you care about someone who is struggling with illness anxiety, there are several things you can to do to help them. 1) Encourage their participation in treatment. Illness anxiety, or “Illness Anxiety Disorder,” is not a hoax. It is a real diagnosis. Formerly called “hypochondriasis” or […]

Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD

By Anda Jines Print – Seasonal Affective Disorder Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD) is a type of cyclical depression that, for most people, tends to return around fall or winter, and tends to get better in the spring. The prevalence of SAD ranges from 1% in the southernmost states, to 10% in the northernmost states. […]

Hoover & Associates Participates in NAMI Fall Banquet 2014

By Anda Jines MS LCPC Our local NAMI (the National Alliance on Mental Illness) chapter, NAMI Chicago Southwest, held their annual fall banquet and fundraiser on Friday, September 19th. Hoover & Associates was pleased to participate by donating a relaxation basket as one of the raffle prizes, and by attending the banquet. NAMI is a […]

The Story Behind The Family Education Center

Interview with Dr. Patricia Morris, President of the Family Education Center The clinicians at Hoover & Associates have recently developed a non-profit organization called the Family Education Center or FEC. To get the inside scoop about the FEC, I chatted with Dr. Patricia Morris about how it all came about and what the FEC offers. […]

How Does Therapy Help?

It helps to talk about your concerns. Have you ever had the experience of relief after talking with someone about something you had been holding in?  Talking is an important step to overcoming your problems, because it lets you acknowledge what is going on, and address it consciously.  Often your concerns can seem more manageable […]

What to Expect in Counseling

If you haven’t been in therapy before, you might have some questions about what to expect. Each therapist and office has their own approach to getting you started in therapy.  Here is a description of what you can generally expect at Hoover and Associates, although it may vary from client to client, based on your […]

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