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Spring Cleaning with a Twist – Refresh Your Relationships

By Dr. Carolyn Nowakowski PsyD, LCP Springtime is here, complete with all the symbols of renewal and re-growth.  There is spring cleaning, planting, opening of windows to let the fresh air in and tuning up bicycles to greet  the fresh air on it’s own turf. Refresh Your Relationships Did I mention spring cleaning?!  Ah yes, […]

Women's Issues

Both men and women certainly have stressors inherent in living busy lives, trying to manage all the things that come their way. Women, with the challenge of balancing many roles and with typically being raised to be caretaking, sometimes feel pulled in many different directions to meet the needs of others. To manage all the […]


Stress often refers to physical, emotional or psychological strain or tension. Many, if not most, people say they feel “stressed” from time to time. However, some people feel a greater than average level of stress which their usual ways of coping are unable to handle. Therapy can help people manage or reduce the sources of […]

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety, also called social phobia, is an intense fear of becoming humiliated in social situations, specifically of embarrassing yourself in front of other people. It often runs in families and may be accompanied by depression, alcoholism, or other anxiety disorders. Social phobia often begins around early adolescence or even younger.


Smoking remains one of the most addictive and unhealthy habits. Breaking the smoking habit is difficult but rewarding. Research indicates that a combination of approaches (including social support, gradual reduction in nicotine dependency through several means, addressing the psychological addiction, and relaxation training) seems to work best. The more often a person attempts to quit, […]

Sexual, Physical, and Psychological Abuse

Sexual and physical abuse during childhood or adulthood can have significant impact on people’s views of themselves, the world and the future. Without an early sense of security, people are often left feeling distrustful, inferior, and alone. In addition, there is often a secrecy about abuse in childhood, and this leaves adult victims of abuse […]

Sexual Identity Issues

Although a majority of people identify as heterosexual, many have different sexual preferences. People who identify as homosexual or bisexual often experience rejection and discrimination by the mainstream culture. Coping with the response of many in the culture to a minority sexual orientation can bring many difficulties, including problems with one’s own self-acceptance, and whether […]


Procrastination is the tendency to “put things off” until the last minute. Although we are all “guilty” of this occasionally, it is a way of life for some people. In those cases, procrastination is often a sign of a larger problem, such as with attention or with mood. Often, individuals with these types of problems […]

Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is the experience of an extremely unhappy, anxious, and unmotivated state following the birth of a child. It can occur within the first three weeks, but up to the first year of the baby’s life. Often times the new mother is additionally distressed because as a result of the depression, she may not […]

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) sometimes follows a very dangerous or life-threatening event that a person experienced or witnessed. Combat, assault, car accidents, and natural disasters are examples of potentially traumatic events that may result in PTSD. Following the incident, a person may re-experience the event in intrusive, distressing ways; for example, through dreams, flashbacks, or […]

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