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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Think Rationally – Feel Good

By Don Kronenberg, MSW,  LCSW You’re driving down the street with a friend next to you in the front seat. Suddenly, a car passes you on the left and swerves sharply in front of you, barely missing you, and takes off quickly… Your immediate response is to slow down to avoid an accident, all the […]

Talk therapy or mental health medication – do you need to choose?

By Dr. Marlin Hoover I have been practicing as a licensed clinical psychologist in Illinois for almost thirty years. It became clear to me, during my many years of practice, that some people needed mental health medications in addition to talk therapy in order to have a better life, and I wanted to be able […]

The Story Behind The Family Education Center

Interview with Dr. Patricia Morris, President of the Family Education Center The clinicians at Hoover & Associates have recently developed a non-profit organization called the Family Education Center or FEC. To get the inside scoop about the FEC, I chatted with Dr. Patricia Morris about how it all came about and what the FEC offers. […]

Speakers Available to Present on Mental Health Topics

LOOKING FOR A SPEAKER? Hoover & Associates has teamed up with The Family Education Center to provide professional presentations on mental health topics, as an educational resource to the community. We can arrange for a mental health professional to speak to your group or organization – provided at no cost, as a community service. Topics […]

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