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10 Tips for Helping a Loved One Cope with Illness Anxiety

By Anda Jines, MS, LCPC Download The PDF If you care about someone who is struggling with illness anxiety, there are several things you can to do to help them. 1) Encourage their participation in treatment. Illness anxiety, or “Illness Anxiety Disorder,” is not a hoax. It is a real diagnosis. Formerly called “hypochondriasis” or […]

Neuroplasticity – Can Old Dogs Learn New Tricks?

By Don Kronenberg, MSW, LCSW Print – Neuroplasticity It was believed until recently that our brains were born with a certain amount of brain cells that peaked in development in our early 20’s, and that brain cells began to die off as we aged. New advances in the understanding of the brain reveal that is […]

Hospitalization and Discharge Services

By Joann Shere, MSW, LCSW Annie (not her real name) suddenly started feeling light-headed, dizzy, and had difficulty walking. She called 911, was taken to the closest ER for treatment, and hospitalized with a minor stroke. Her short hospital stay was a confusing whirlwind of medications, tests, nurses, doctors, family, and plenty of questions. Neither […]

Mental Health and the Law – Continuing Education Presentation

As a therapist, what are the legal hazzards of being active in cyberspace? I know what my professional association says, but what does the law say about charting and note-taking? Do I remember everything in the Confidentiality Act that pertains to my practice? Am I doing everything I need to do, in order to manage the […]

2016 Continuing Education Series at Hoover and Associates

Hoover & Associates is licensed to sponsor state approved Continuing Education (CE) for Psychologists (License #268.000055), Licensed Clinical Social Workers (License #159.001296), and Professional Counselor/Clinical Counselors (License #197.000233). Professionals from all three of these license categories are required by state law to obtain continuing education in order to maintain licensure.  Hoover & Associates has responded to […]

Taking a Break from Social Media – Logging off for your LIFE!

By Joan French, MA, NCC, LCPC Print – Taking a Break from Social Media “It is named the “Web” for good reason.” – David Foster Wallace When I began my career in professional counseling most relationships were developed and maintained face to face. Perhaps some brave souls were engaged in online chatting, some developing relationships […]

Happy 30th Anniversary to Hoover and Associates

By Dr. Marlin Hoover Hoover & Associates has reached a milestone! We have been providing mental health services in the southwest suburbs of Chicago for 30 years. What an accomplishment! Scroll down for information about our 30th anniversary celebration events on October 3, 2015, including a 3 hour CE presentation from 9am-12pm by Dr. Hoover, […]

Nature as Healer

By Don Kronenberg MSW, CADC Print – Nature as Healer “I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in tune once more” – John Burroughs As a boy I recall always being outside, from dawn till dusk, playing in empty fields, swinging from a tree, picking up snakes or […]

Parenting Affluent Teens

By Lisa Kuiper MA The following information comes from The Family Institute at Northwestern University. This particular blog post focuses on the challenge of parenting kids in today’s busier and more affluent society. The infographic and article include concrete tips for raising healthy kids. Our society is the most affluent in the history of the […]

Drive Time – “Growing Pains” for Parents of Teen Drivers

By Lisa Kuiper MA Lately, I find myself counting the months till my 15 year old can drive. As I look at the calendar, I think, “Ok, only three more weeks till play practice is over. But … then there’s pit orchestra and maybe soccer. I wonder if we can car pool with anyone….” You […]