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Illinois Prescriptive Authority for Psychologists Signed into Law!

By Dr. Marlin Hoover PhD, MS, ABPP, ABMP The Prescriptive Authority Bill has been passed and signed into law in Illinois, allowing psychologists to prescribe medications related to mental health! After a long and difficult battle, I would like to add my perspective on what this bill will achieve.  For those who do not know who […]

Hoover & Associates Participates in NAMI Fall Banquet 2014

By Anda Jines MS LCPC Our local NAMI (the National Alliance on Mental Illness) chapter, NAMI Chicago Southwest, held their annual fall banquet and fundraiser on Friday, September 19th. Hoover & Associates was pleased to participate by donating a relaxation basket as one of the raffle prizes, and by attending the banquet. NAMI is a […]

On Avoiding Possession OVERLOAD

By Joan French LCPC NCC You might be familiar with the term ‘Affluenza’. It isn’t a diagnosis the APA recognizes in its manual of psychological disorders, and to be clear – it is not a recognized illness. It’s been referred to as a ‘junk science’ term, and has gained recent recognition as a topical ‘buzzword’ […]

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Think Rationally – Feel Good

By Don Kronenberg LCSW, CADC You’re driving down the street with a friend next to you in the front seat. Suddenly, a car passes you on the left and swerves sharply in front of you, barely missing you, and takes off quickly… Your immediate response is to slow down to avoid an accident, all the […]

Developing Positive Emotional Habits: Improving your Happiness

By Bill Holley MSW, LCSW Try This!! Place a pencil in your mouth, with the eraser end lightly between your front teeth, and close your mouth. The muscles used to hold the pencil this way are the same muscles that are used in a frown. Now place the pencil in your mouth sideways, lightly between […]

Cultivating Confidence and Strong Self-Esteem

By Joan French LCPC NCC Merriam-Webster online defines self-esteem as, “a feeling of having respect for yourself and your abilities; a confidence and satisfaction with oneself.” I defer to this definition. I’m sure most of us are pretty familiar with what this is. But how do we feel content with ourselves? Here are five tips […]

Talk therapy or mental health medication – do you need to choose?

By Dr. Marlin Hoover I have been practicing as a licensed clinical psychologist in Illinois for almost thirty years. It became clear to me, during my many years of practice, that some people needed mental health medications in addition to talk therapy in order to have a better life, and I wanted to be able […]

Tips for Taming That Temper

By Joan French LCPC, NCC Anger is a normal emotion, and is usually one we feel when we sense we have been hurt or threatened. When we get angry we are looking to be heard, to get our needs met, or to solve a problem. Positive expression of anger can be an indicator of healthy […]

Tips to Avoid Overeating

By Dr. Marlin Hoover After all the recent holiday indulgences and Valentine’s sweets, it’s time to get back on track with healthy, nutritious, satisfying, and more forgiving choices. Moderation is the key when it comes to special treats! If you’re struggling with overeating, help is available. “Overeating carries health risks, but there’s help available.” I […]

Treatment Adherence

Prepared by Dr. Stephanie Kelly, PsyD In compiling the following ideas, we have made an effort to identify readily available, low-cost, and quality strategies. Although we cannot guarantee that each of the following ideas will work for you, this list can encourage you to consider various options of what could be helpful to you, and to start […]