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“I’d love to help you reach your potential.”

Hello, my name is Anda, and I hope that you will always feel welcome in my office. I understand that entering into therapy takes courage for most people. I will strive to earn your trust, and help you to feel safe, supported, and encouraged to voice your innermost experiences without fear of being judged.

If you’re looking for…

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Services Offered:

The work that I most enjoy and emphasize in my practice is individual therapy.  I also offer  couples therapy and family therapy, for adults ages 18-65, dealing with a variety of mental health issues, stressors and symptoms.  My family therapy services focus on relationships between two adult people (rather than three or more).  This could be a couple, a parent and an adult child, two adult siblings, etc. I do not provide services for minors.

Conditions Treated:

Most of my work is with people who are dealing with depression, anxiety, relationship problems, life transitions, and stressful situations.

I’m especially interested in helping people who are dealing with  medical stress and/or chronic pain.  The mind and body have a powerful impact on each other… whether it ‘s the cumulative impact of stress on your physical health, or the sometimes devastating impact of illness on mental health.  If you’re struggling both physically and mentally, it can help to have someone validating and encouraging to talk with, and it can help to learn some coping strategies to ease your symptoms.

Additionally, my background of having been born in Latvia, and having moved to the United States from Poland in 1982, makes me a good match for clients struggling with immigration or acculturation issues.  I have no accent when I speak English, and I only provide therapy in English, but I can partially incorporate the Polish or Latvian languages into my therapy work.

How I Can Help:

My goal is to help you find comfort, confidence, meaning, and satisfaction in life. I draw on my training, clinical experience and empathy, to help you work through difficult issues, and to help you change problematic patterns. I provide emotional support, guidance, encouragement, and helpful information, ideas, & insights. I incorporate various therapeutic approaches into treatment, including:

Benefits of therapy may include:

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