Mary E. Cherullo, MSW, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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Self-awareness is a
supreme gift, a treasure as precious as life. This is what makes us
human.”  -Irvin D. Yalom

It is important to me that you feel comfortable sharing your life story, perspective, and goals, at the pace you set, with some
appropriate encouragement and therapeutic challenges when necessary. I believe, as also taught by Yalom, “To care for another
individual means to know and to experience the other as fully as possible.”
It is a sign of strength that you seek clarity and new ways to cope when your stress is high. Change and stress provide opportunities for growth and the development of new skills to better adapt to life challenges.

I offer client-centered therapy with a foundation built on empathy and unconditional
positive self-regard. My therapy is informed by a strength-based and psychodynamic
perspective and utilizes cognitive behavioral techniques, mindfulness, and grounding.

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