Other Professionals

Hoover & Associates believes in the collaborative behavioral care model. We understand that our clients are often best served by a team of professionals who work collaboratively, and we are happy to consult with other professionals who may be involved in our clients’ care.

We offer mental health services for clients of all ages.

Hoover & Associates provides therapy and psychological testing (including SSD evaluation) in a safe and nurturing environment. Our highly experienced staff of psychologists, counselors and social workers is here to help with a variety of issues.

Would you like to make a referral?

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We emphasize excellent communication.

We understand that your time is valuable, that you may need our input promptly, and that you want to know what happens to the clients whom you refer to us. Therefore we emphasize prompt, concise, clear communication, with appropriate authorizations. Our clinicians are available by phone and fax to communicate about a client’s needs.


When appropriate, we offer various levels of consultation, depending on your preference and client needs. If you have any preferences or requests with regards to our services or consultation, we are happy to discuss options for making our collaboration fit your needs.

Do you have any questions?

Call us at 708-429-6999 and our friendly office staff will answer your questions, or direct you to the best clinician who can more specifically discuss consultation and collaboration.