image for resources pageAt Hoover & Associates, we are happy to offer the following resources to our clients:

Reliable Information about Mental Health Topics

When looking for information about mental health, people want to know that they are receiving it from a reliable and reputable source. Therefore Hoover & Associates has partnered with VivaCare, a trustworthy source of health information.

Relaxation Page

Relaxation is an important key to being able to manage your emotions and being able to respond to difficult situations effectively. We provide you with relaxation skills (including an audio exercise), to help you trigger the relaxation response and reduce your stress response.

Healthy Living Resource Guides

We have compiled several lists of resources that we believe could be very helpful to our clients, the public, and consulting professionals. In compiling these lists, we have made an effort to identify readily available, low-cost, and quality resources.

Although we cannot guarantee the quality of all of the following resources, especially those that change frequently, this list can encourage individuals seeking assistance to consider various options which may be helpful and to start exploring sources of information, sources of support and ideas for coping.

Sliding Scale Services

Hoover & Associates is affiliated with The Family Education Center – a non-profit organization that provides sliding scale rates for psychotherapy and psychological testing, for individuals and families without insurance. These services are provided at the Hoover & Associates office.

We know that many families have lost their health insurance in the current economic situation. We want to help those families access therapy when they need it.

Cost is based on the number of dependents and the annual gross family income.

If you’d like to inquire about sliding scale services, call 708-429-6999 and ask for “sliding scale services”.

Speakers Available on Mental Health Topics

Looking for a speaker? Hoover & Associates has teamed up with The Family Education Center to provide professional presentations on mental health topics, as an educational resource to the community. We can arrange for a mental health professional to speak to your group or organization – provided at no cost, as a community service.

We’d be happy to arrange for a licensed mental health professional to speak with your group. To arrange a speaker, call the Family Education Center at 708-429-6999, ext. 332.