Psychological Testing

image for psychological testing pageAt Hoover & Associates, our team of caring, licensed psychologists provides comprehensive psychological and psycho-educational testing for clients of all ages, including children, adolescents, adults and older adults.

Types of Psychological Testing

  1. Psychological and diagnostic inventories assess depression, anxiety, ADHD, autistic spectrum disorder, personality disorders, etc.
  2. Measures of academic and cognitive functioning assess intelligence, language problems, visual motor skills, memory, attention, organizational skills, career interest, learning disorders, etc.
  3. Behavioral health tests evaluate healthy lifestyle, coping, and medical stress factors.
  4. Cognitive deficits due to aging in older adults are determined by assessing the cognitive baseline, the level of cognitive decline over time, and by determining if there are memory impairments.

A Comprehensive Psychological Assessment Includes:

  1. The initial consultation with the psychologist seeks to discuss questions, obtain history, schedule the testing, and familiarize you and/or your child with the testing process.
  2. The testing session includes administration of all recommended tests. The amount of time involved will vary depending on the age of the person being tested, the nature of the concerns, and the extent of testing required. If necessary, testing may be administered over several testing sessions.
  3. A follow up session is scheduled once a comprehensive report has been generated. At that time, test results and recommendations will be fully explained.
  4. Phone consultations with school faculty or the referring provider may be offered, if appropriate.

For more details about psychological testing at Hoover & Associates, please read our testing policy.

For more information please call Dr. Sandra Kasprzyk, PsyD at 708-429-6999, ext 231.