Hoover & Associates Testing Policy

image for testing policy pageHoover & Associates provides psychological, neuropsychological and psycho-educational testing for a variety of purposes. This policy statement is written so that patients are informed of a number of factors prior to testing. We encourage you to read this thoroughly so you can make an informed decision about whether or not to proceed with testing.

How is testing useful?

Testing is used for a variety of purposes, including clarifying a diagnosis, determining level of functioning, and generating specific treatment recommendations. When a client is referred for testing, this indicates that their physician, specialist, or school has questions that cannot be answered by a clinical interview alone.

What is involved in testing?

Testing is a process. Testing involves not only the administration of tests, but the scoring and interpretation of them, as well as writing a report that explains the results and provides recommendations for appropriate treatment or intervention.

  1. On your first visit, a psychologist will conduct an initial interview to gather thorough background information and discuss current problems or symptoms and goals of testing. During this visit, you will also complete registration information and provide information about your insurance coverage. The initial interview is billed on an hourly basis, and usually takes about an hour.
  2. Depending on the purpose of testing, test administration may be completed in one or more sessions. Tests are administered by a psychologist, or by a psychometrician who is closely supervised by a psychologist. Test administration is billed on an hourly basis and usually takes between four and eight hours.
  3. Following test administration, the psychologist may need several weeks for scoring, interpretation of the test data, and completion of a thorough report. Although this step of the process is time intensive, we strive to complete it in a timely manner. Though the patient is not present for this step, there is an hourly charge submitted to the insurance for the time needed to complete the test scoring and report writing. This step usually takes between six and ten hours.
  4. Finally, a follow-up session will be scheduled with the psychologist to review the results and discuss recommendations for appropriate treatment or intervention. The feedback session generally takes between 60 to 90 minutes and is billed on an hourly basis.

Please be aware there is a separate hourly charge for each session as well as the time required to score and write reports. Generally, the intake, face-to-face testing, scoring, report preparation and writing, plus the feedback session can total approximately 12 or more billable hours.

Who has access to the test results?

Your test data is treated with the strictest confidence. According to HIPAA, which is discussed in a separate document, clients may have access to their assessment findings.

Test results are usually only released to the client (or in the case of minors, to the parents). However, if you need us to send copies of the report to the referring professional (psychologist, neuropsychologist, psychiatrist, primary care physician, school professional), you must give us written permission to do so, by signing a formal release of information.

If you have a child tested, can he/she receive special services at school?

Very often, psychological, neuropsychological and psycho-educational testing is conducted to identify a child’s problems with learning. This is not a guarantee that that child will meet the school’s eligibility criteria for special services. The school intervention team may not agree with the psychologist’s conclusions. However, we make every effort to work with the school to explain the testing results and recommendations.

The psychologist can be available to attend meetings at the school or to participate in conference calls, and/or to write letters or prepare reports (beyond the testing report). The charges for these extra services are not covered by insurance. .

How much does testing cost?

Each client presents unique needs. Therefore, cost varies depending on the test battery needed to complete a thorough assessment. The cost also varies depending on your insurance coverage. The psychologist will discuss this with you prior to, or during the initial interview session.

Please be aware there is a separate hourly charge for each session as well as the time required to score and write reports. Generally, the intake, face-to-face testing, scoring, report preparation and writing, and the feedback session can total approximately 12 or more billable hours.

The supervising psychologist and/or psychometric staff has set aside hours with the expectation that you will attend the appointment. If you need to cancel an appointment for testing, a minimum of 48 hours advance notice must be given. If a client fails to provide adequate notice, he/she will be charged for the time that has been set aside. Cancellations or missed appointment fees are not covered by insurance. The missed appointment fee must be paid before rescheduling the testing session.

Will you bill my insurance company?

Yes. Hoover & Associates makes every attempt to work with your insurance company. Upon receipt of your insurance information, our business office representative will verify your benefits. It is important to understand that the benefits quoted by the insurance company are not a guarantee of payment. Reimbursement rates vary depending on your plan’s specific benefit package. The portion unpaid by your insurer is the amount of co-insurance that you pay. Some insurance plans may separate mental health and medical deductibles. Some plans require a co-pay for services.

The final amount that the insurer will pay, less any deductible, co-pay and co-insurance, is determined when the claim is processed by your insurance company. Once we get a response from your insurance company, Hoover & Associates will send you a remainder statement, which is due upon receipt.

Do I need to pre-certify?

Some insurance companies require precertification. You should check with your insurance company’s benefits administrator regarding the precertification policy. Testing will be scheduled after an authorization is obtained from your insurance. Sometimes the insurer is not willing to authorize the number of hours needed for an adequate assessment. In that case, you will be informed of the out-of-pocket cost and given the option of paying for uncovered services. We will obtain you permission in writing by use of a Special Fee Arrangement.

What if I don’t have insurance?

If you don’t have any insurance, you may be able to receive testing for a sliding scale fee through the Family Education Center. If you need sliding scale services, please inform the receptionist at the time that you schedule your first appointment. The testing staff will determine the fee for testing services.

What if I have some questions about psychological testing at Hoover & Associates?

If you have any questions about testing, please contact Dr. Sandra Karprzyk at drkasprzyk@licensed-psychologists.com or at 708-429-6999, ext. 231.